Meet Your Animaker

Got a love for anime? Maybe you've been collecting for years — you have all the Voltron figures, including the metal kind made before the toy companies switched to safety-conscious plastic. And your stash of Speed Racer comics is nearly complete — all you need are a few issues of the original Mach GoGoGo manga and you're set. But what you really need is an outlet where you can let your love for anime shine. Well, you're in luck, Racer X, because the three-day anime convention Mizu Con is crash-landing in Miami this Saturday.

Got an unquenchable thirst for cosplay? At Mizu Con's costume contests, not only will you get to dress up like your favorite characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion and other shows, but also you’ll be able to perform scenes and sing the theme songs. And if you're an aspiring anime artist, Mizu Con's Artist Alley is the perfect place to hock your wares or simply brush up on your skills. There's also a video room with movies and shows playing throughout the convention, a game room where you can kick butt via controller, industry panels and appearances with vets such as voice actor Vic Mignogna from Full Metal Alchemist, and much more. And don't forget the dealers’ room, where you might find that odd piece of merchandise to complete your collection — no matter how specialized it is. Mizu Con begins at 10 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency, 400 SE Second Ave., Miami. Tickets run from $25 for a single visit to $45 for a three-day pass.
Dec. 27-29, 2008


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