Meet Us in the Cockpit

The area between Fifth and Eighth Street on Washington Avenue was long a hellhole of nasty clubs with even nastier clientele. But sometime last year things started to change and the strip rediscovered a bit of its charm. The latest addition is an outpost of the New York lounge Skyline (645 Washington Ave., Miami Beach). In it, you’ll find that owners Wilson Reynoso and Angel Hernandez have managed to recreate the first-class experience of flying on a commercial jetliner. Also working behind the scenes is South Beach veteran Bobby Brandt, whose impressive nightlife C.V. includes Shadow Lounge, Cameo and The Spot, which he co-owned with Mickey Rourke

On Mile High Saturdays, passengers can enjoy cocktails and appetizers (no airplane food here) served by stewardesses we only wish would work on commercial flights. Former Pawn Shop Lounge DJ Cardi provides the in-flight entertainment of open format music and will surely guide you to a solid crash-landing at the end of the night. Doors open at 10 p.m.
Saturdays, 2009


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