Meet the Calahoneys

No, Calahoney won't take your dinner order and then wash the dishes. (Although it might consider it, if you ask it nicely and promise to buy its album.) Truth is, Josue Cruz and Laura Askins don't even run a restaurant. They're a husband-and-wife duo that "teaches in the winter and rocks in the summer." And so far, these Miami-based alt-folkies haven't wasted a single second of summer vacation '09, releasing their second album, Slow Stride, before setting off on the "Enjoy Your Day Job" tour, an intercontinental June-July jaunt from Miami to NYC to Merry Olde England and back.

Now, home again, Calahoney is already in the studio, writing and recording fresh material for its upcoming third album. You can get a sneak peek of the new stuff (plus a batch of classics) when Josue, Laura, and a full band land at Tobacco Road for the Calahoney homecoming show September 11.
Fri., Sept. 11, 2009


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