Meditation on Medication

Distracted is a meditation on medication, a schizo romp through a schizo world that mirrors our own a little too perfectly. Laura Turnbull plays a character called simply "Mom," the mother of a kid who can't focus. But who can? Dad (Stephen G. Anthony) is a ball of anxiety, their doctors are a mess of contradictions, and their neighbors are all getting divorces or doping their children. The play pictures suburban families in search of a moment of peace, which eludes them like Gatsby's green light — slipping further from reach the harder they strain. Lisa Loomer structures her play like a multitasker's workday: Each digression opens into more digressions; each plot line sprouts a dozen more, like Windows multiplying out of control. Eventually, one suspects, the human computers running the show will freeze.
Tue., May 11, 8 p.m., 2010


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