Make Nice with the Noles

Lest anyone forget: Florida means football, dammit. Those basketball championships won by the Miami Heat and the Florida Gators this past spring -- though we are pleased as punch with them -- were aberrations. Now it’s autumn and time to direct our attention back to the sport where the state traditionally shines. The Florida State Seminoles and Miami Hurricanes are ranked eleventh and twelfth respectively in the Associated Press preseason poll. But you don’t need those professionals to tell you that either team will surely be tossing the old pigskin for the national championship come the new year -- especially if you are one of the Seminole fans wandering into town for the big season opener tomorrow. However, tonight’s the night to make merry with the local Nole contingent. The Seminole Club of Greater Miami sponsors a free kick-off party at 7:00 p.m. at the Firkin and Friar Pub. Eat, drink, practice team cheers, and play Sunday-night quarterback deep inside the neutral territory of the Grove. Don’t forget to bring aspirin! Call 305-725-1978.
Sun., Sept. 3


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