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For those who believe contemporary art has taken a plunge into the shitter, the edgy Faktura Gallery presents some wacky relief via a show devoted to everyone’s favorite throne. “Here I Sit” piles together more than 25 creative nut bags who have left their meaningful marks on revamped toilet seats cheekily exhibited in the space tricked out with a public-bathroom-stall vibe. The show seeks to lift the lid on the stinky murk where underground art, sell-out commercial art, and graffiti being pitched as lowbrow art popularly intersect.

“It also has to do with the random graffiti you often see in public restrooms where anyone can be an undercover artist because they would never have the courage to do it in public,” explains gallery owner Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston. Some of the toilet-seat Titians she has flushed out for the show include Aholsniffglue, Andrew the Sociopath, Species, Gonz, Failure, Disem, and Joey Explode. Seriously, folks, we aren’t making this crap up.

The artists tackled their creations constrained only by imagination and Johnston’s take-it-strong-to-the-hole factor. “My only request is that the seats were delivered with their tops and hinges.” The commode covers range from a fetching purple eye winking at the spectator, to a tyke orbited by stars, to a decapitated bird sporting a hole in its innards, to bowel-twitching scenes of terrorism. Wipe away your cares tonight at 7:00 at Faktura, 7128 NW Second Ct., Miami. Call 305-758-9005, or visit
Sat., June 24


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