Magic Dragons

What does the average gym membership cost -- $75 a month? For that, you get to shuffle your tired ass from your gray cubicle to the stuffy chain gym, where you lift weights among grunting meat heads and plastic women who can't stop mugging for the mirror. Stop the madness. Go outside! Join the Puff Dragon Boat practice, where you and 30 teammates will row in synch, powering your vessels forward through the waves. Organizers say all fitness levels are welcome, but keep in mind that three of the members recently joined Team USA at the World Championship in the Czech Republic. They brought back one gold medal and two bronze. The first three practices are free. Otherwise, membership costs $120 a year. Hello, fitness bargain! Plus you get to brag, "I race dragons." RSVP by Friday afternoon. Email or call 786-256-1601 or 305-608-9050.
Every other Saturday, 1 p.m., 2010


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