Made it Out of Clay

If you’re not among the “chosen people,” all you know about dreidels is probably from that old-time Hanukkah song. But that was then. And Major League Dreidel (MLD) is now. Though it sounds more like a movie spoof (think the Hebrew Hammer meets BASEketball), the MLD is real. And it’s coming to a spinagogue (a cross between a backgammon board and a Star of David) near you. What used to be a Jewish children’s holiday game involving a four-sided spinning top known as a dreidel has become an organized sport with competitions across the country, including a Miami stop of the Major League Dreidel this Saturday at the Vagabond (30 NE 14th St., Miami). Since MLD “Knishioner” Eric Pavony invented the contest at his mom’s home in 2006, it has blown up like a bloated matzo ball. Pavony’s version involves spinning the dreidel for the longest possible amount of time. Winning players must not only possess good technique but also dress in flashy outfits and, perhaps most important, sport intimidating nicknames. Among this year’s spinmeisters are Spinglorious Bastard (who shows up with a baseball bat — for intimidation purposes only) and Arnold Spinzenegger (whose catchphrase is “Hasta la vista, bubbe.”). Winners receive trophies and chocolate gelt. To attend you must RSVP.
Sat., Dec. 4, 10 p.m., 2010


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