Luke Makes House His Home

House producer and DJ known as Laidback Luke first got his kicks in his native Holland as a graffiti artist. When the thrill of the physical and legal danger wore off around the mid-Nineties, he turned to music. Still, he preserved the sly cunning of the graffiti writer in the name of his eventual record label: Stealth. His epic house sets are similarly sneaky, beginning with an easily digestible synth appetizer before winding into a banging main course. His sound is hard, but not too hard, and undeniably funky, full of the kind of big-room bangers that draws crowds in England and Ibiza. An eclectic assortment of artists such as Underworld and Chromeo have been lucky enough to receive the treatment. Tonight, he shows LIV what he's made of.
Wed., Sept. 14, 11 p.m., 2011


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