Love--This Game

At last year’s Sony Ericsson Open, we embarrassed all of our friends by throwing popcorn at legally blind referees, booing when a player didn’t dive for a base line drive, and chanting “Hey, hey, hey, go-odbyyyyyye” when our guy won.

For the past 364 days, we’ve been boning up on our tennis etiquette and will be good this year — we won’t make a peep while the ball is in play, and we’ll clap politely when we really want to yell out “NICE SHOT!” We’re sure that Maria Sharapova decided to play in the tourney because of our new attitude. The ball play began on March 23 and continues through April 5, when the all-important finals will go down.

Will Nadal make it to the end? Will Serena wear one of her skintight catsuits? Will we get drunk and ask Andy Roddick if he wants to hit our balls? Head to Crandon Park to find out the answers to these questions and more.
Wed., March 25, 2009


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