Love on the Dark Side

To you and I, Samantha from Bewitched might have been just a blond broad with some mean allergies, and Jeannie the “genie” little more than a subservient vagabond. But occult expert and Wiccan High Priestess Rev. Sandra Cheryl Richardson felt a kinship with these sitcom characters. “I always had a calling for the occult world, from when I was growing up watching Bewitched, Dark Shadows, and I Dream of Jeannie. And as an adult I discovered, through a weird series of events, the religion of Wicca,” says Richardson. Every Monday she’ll introduce you to your own series of events, which may or may not become weird. This week at Metaphysical Mondays at 32 Paths she’ll be leading a class through a guided meditation on love. Haters beware. “When we’re deep in the meditation state, people will be able to open themselves up to greater love. That’s self-love, romantic love, and even healing family relationships,” says Richardson.
Mon., May 7


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