Lost Boys Go Meta

In 2004, thriller novelist Ridley Pearson and South Florida funnyman Dave Barry teamed up to write — of all things — a children’s book. And to make matters even more improbable, the unlikely pair embraced the kid-lit genre whole hog by tackling one of its most enduring heroes: Peter Pan. Their Peter and the Starcatchers explores the Lost Boy’s origins with a cast of completely unique characters and a few familiar faces. It was a best-selling book that spawned three sequels, an in-development 3-D movie, and a musical adaptation. The latest installment in their Peter Pan series, The Bridge to Never Land, takes the narrative in a distinctly postmodern direction. It introduces a cast of characters who have read Barry and Pearson’s prequels and are subsequently engulfed in their own thrilling quest. This Saturday, the authors will read selections from The Bridge at Books & Books.
Sat., Oct. 29, 2 p.m., 2011


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