Lost and Found

We live in strange and frightening times. The economy is in flames. America is mired in two foreign wars. Racism, sexism, and geezerism have stunk up the presidential race. One can’t help but wonder if the founding fathers are turning cartwheels in their graves. On the eve of national elections, Actors’ Playhouse reminds us of a kinder, gentler republic through its spectacle of patriotic display in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical 1776.

With music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and book by Peter Stone, 1776 is a vividly passionate and often humorous drama about the events that sealed America’s birth as a nation and forever changed the course of history. The play chronicles the story of our nation’s forefathers as they struggle to write the Declaration of Independence and shape the destiny of our country. “It is an absolutely beautiful work that portrays our founding fathers as real men with full-blown passion and humor,” artistic director David Arisco says. It hits the stage at 8 p.m. at the Miracle Theatre.
Wed., Oct. 8, 2008


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