Looks are Deceiving

On a purely surface level, haters might try to take umbrage with the Shelley Novak Awards. The annual South Beach drag queen awards ceremony gives accolades to cross-dressers in such categories as Best Latin Drag and Most Glamorous, all presented by a stocky dude with an irrepressible Bostonian accent who describes himself as “Barney Rubble in a dress.” Despite her physical appearance, Shelley Novak probably knows more about drag than Rebecca Glasscock, Lucky Deepford, Twat LaRouge, or any of the other contestants in the Best Newcomer category combined.

That’s because Shelley’s a historian. Well versed in the controversial chronology of the shemale arts, she has made her name as the host of Shelley Novak’s Hollywood, a monthly screening series at the Miami Beach Cinematheque that may as well be a course called Queertastic Cinema 101. Tonight, the over-the-top ceremony celebrates its fourteenth year. Special guests will include local sheroes Elaine Lancaster, Daisy Deadpetals, Adora, and Ebonee Excell, as well as New Yorkers like the one and only Amanda Lepore and Richie Rich, of the fashion line Heatherette.
Wed., Feb. 28


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