Loitering in the Library

Sure, we all know Miami-Dade public libraries are packed with freeloaders getting their Tom Clancy fix, trawling YouTube for funny crotch shot videos, or digging through art book stacks and back issues of National Geographic for X-rated peeks at the female anatomy. But there’s also another kind of library patron, a hard-core culture junkie with an ear for John Zorn’s Torture Garden and a deep need for arty limited-edition treasures.

Expect droves of both types at the North Dade Regional Library this Monday. One group will be huddled around the new Twilight Saga: Eclipse display table, while the other ogles “Recent Acquisitions From the Permanent Collection of the Miami-Dade Public Library System,” an exhibition featuring 17 works pulled from the MDPLS’s secret art stash by curator Denise Delgado. There’s Christian Marclay’s cyanotype of gutted audiocassettes called Untitled (The Coasters, Janet Jackson, Soul Asylum, You Can Go, and Three Mix Tapes), street artist Swoon’s paint-on-cardboard Hua Hua, and Beatriz Monteavaro’s ink sketch Amazon River 1954. Go join the culture junkies.
July 19-Dec. 22, 2010


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