Loeb Trotter

Her iconic hit "Stay" is still kicking around in our heads, but what has Lisa Loeb been up to the past 16 years? Well, she released her famous Purple Tape album on CD, made some children's music albums, filmed a couple of reality shows, and in a genius move, designed her own line of eyewear. She also scored her first musical — Camp Kappawanna — which makes its world premiere this week at the Arsht Center's Carnival Studio Theater.

Here's how it happened: Loeb, nostalgic for her childhood days at summer camp, wrote an album of camp songs named Camp Lisa. Miami playwright Marco Ramirez, who writes for FX's Sons of Anarchy, wrote a book inspired by the album, and City Theatre's Stephanie Norman decided it would make a great musical. Loeb, who lives in Cali, says she has participated in rehearsals via Skype but will be in town for the performance, which runs this Thursday through June 27. Don't worry, kitsch-loving grownups — there are weekend and nighttime performances throughout the run.
Thu., June 17, 2010


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