Local Dance Team Will Make You Simultaneously Crave Cake and Contemplate Suicide

Last year, Miamian Tamien Bain -- an ex-con who had served time for robbing a McDonald's -- crafted a rap that nearly won a marketing contest for that same fast-food chain. Now some local high schoolers are finalists in a national dance contest for Baskin-Robbins. Maybe our city has an industry besides tourism after all. Pittsburgh had steel, Detroit has cars, we have inane jingles.  

The Cudettes, a dance troupe from Coral Reef Senior High, are shooting for the Ice Cream and Cake Dance Video contest's $10,000 grand prize to fund a trip to a national dance competition. View and vote for their video below. But beware: The Trick Daddy-on-meth soundtrack -- Ice cream and cake, do the ice cream and cake -- will haunt your dreams.


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