Loach the Auteur

Ever since the World Cup began, we've been on a strict diet of all things footie-related. That's why a night at the movies has to be the Ken Loach Retrospective at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. He's one of England's most acclaimed social realist filmmakers, but his latest, Looking for Eric, is a feel-good flick about soccer hooligan culture, the bromance of friendship, and lovers reunited. It follows a downtrodden postman who has an imaginary rendezvous with his hero, Manchester United soccer star Eric Cantona, who plays himself in the film. It's an unexpected comedy in Loach's downbeat oeuvre. He's able to turn both the overdone British heist movie and soccer hooligan culture on their heads to present a hilarious film about a regular guy hitting rock bottom and starting to live again.
Fri., June 18, 7 p.m., 2010


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