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Living Dead Take Over Lincoln Road for Zombie Walk 2010

Ready to pre-game for Halloween? 'Cause the 2010 Zombie Walk Miami is this Saturday. Lest you think we're just trying to trick you into smearing blood all over yourself and heading out to Lincoln Road, consider that there are already

1,200 people

confirmed to attend on Facebook. And as you know, the internet never lies.

Here are the details: At 8:30 p.m., meet at 420 Lincoln Road in Miami Beach (on the corner by  Starbucks and the Lincoln Theater). Then wander around aimlessly, like you normally do on Saturday nights, except you should probably grunt, hiss, and stumble. That makes you a zombie. Otherwise, you're just a punch drunk guy with a bad head wound. While you're at it, channel them crazy tea-baggers and demand equal rights for the dead. After all, zombies were people too. Check the jump for the event link and a video from last's year Zombie Walk.

For more info on the Zombie Walk (although we've already told you the details: blood, address, and time), check the event page on Facebook. Here's what last year's looked like:


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