Live Rail

We’re a real city! Shout that sentence in a Pinocchio voice as we all celebrate yet another hallmark of our proper intellectual city-dom: a thinking-people’s independent magazine based on cultural criticism. No, that doesn’t mean a rag snarking on the latest clubbing faux pas. Rather, the recently minted Miami Rail arrived earlier this year as an offshoot of the Brooklyn Rail, a publication that’s been churning out heady commentary in New York since 1998. Though Miami doesn’t have a rail as snazzy as Brooklyn’s subway, our edition of the magazine, founded and published by Nina Johnson-Milewski and edited by Hunter Braithwaite, is just as smart as that of our neighbors to the north. And it’s not just a franchise of the original, either. Though it’s like-minded, the Miami Rail is editorially independent, tuned pitch-perfect to our city’s peculiar cultural scene. The first issue featured poetry, essays, conversations, and art criticism, all attempting to critically engage rather than simply serve as blind boosterism or serve more of the same old haterade. The second issue, out this week, promises more of the same, and you can get a first glimpse at the Miami Rail Issue 2 Release Party this Friday at Lester’s (2519 NW Second Ave., Miami), the Wynwood spot with a seeming minimum above-average IQ to enter. Mingle, chin-scratch, and leaf through the pages over beer, wine, and snacks beginning at 9 p.m. and going later, with the resident DJs of NOMEMORIES providing the soundtrack.
Fri., Sept. 7, 9 p.m., 2012


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