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Ana Gasteyer had roles in Seinfeld and Mean Girls and starred in Broadway shows such as The Rocky Horror Show and Wicked. But you probably best remember her as sweater-clad Margaret Jo McCullen on Saturday Night Live. McCullen’s NPR spoof show, Delicious Dish, featured Pete Schweddy (Alex Baldwin) sharing his tasty Schweddy Balls and Forence Dusty (Betty White) giving the hosts a taste of her Dusty Muffin. Or if that doesn’t ring a bell, you might have fond memories of Gasteyer as Lilith Fair protest singer Cinder Calhoun and her passionate diatribe against pantyhose, “Leotarded.” Paired with Will Ferrell, she was also Bobbi Mohan-Culp, an awkward middle school music teacher who regularly received the finger from students for butchering popular songs. The six-year SNL veteran will revisit her sketch-comedy roots at the Aventura Arts & Cultural Center for Elegant Songs From a Handsome Woman, a one-woman show combining Broadway show tunes and stories. Gasteyer promises it will be either classy or tear-jerky depending upon “world events and/or her hair-frizz factor.”
Fri., Nov. 4, 8 p.m., 2011


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