Live From New York

What happens when you put Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy, and Jay-Z in a blender? No, not a flesh-and-guts gazpacho that only Hannibal Lecter could love. You get comedian, master mimicker, and Saturday Night Live cast member Jay Pharoah. Nailing his first impression at age 6 when an audible copy of Gilbert Godfrey’s nasal screech came out of his prepubescent mouth, Pharoah went on to flawlessly ace the voice, mannerisms, and personality quirks of other well-known celebrities. He can do Will Smith, Kanye West, and most notably Barack Obama. His presidential impression made him an Internet sensation and eventually caught SNL creator Lorne Michaels’s attention. Catch Pharoah’s Sybil-esque antics — which might or might not include Pharoah as a college-aged Obama attempting to lure coeds into his dorm room with the promise of Jack Daniel’s and chicken — when he takes his stand-up act to Miami Improv Thursday, with performances through Sunday. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be forced to partake in the Improv’s two-drink minimum.
June 16-19, 8:30 p.m., 2011


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