Little Bastards

Miami-based artist Terribly Odd will showcase his interpretations of European social history at Bear and Bird’s newest exhibit. At “Le Iconique: Terribly Odd Solo Show,” iconic French figures such as Joan of Arc and Napoleon will be painted or printed on distressed wooden boxes. “For me, it’s been interesting to try and grab people with as little visual clutter as possible,” Terribly Odd says when he describes his artwork. “It became more about an instant connection than a contrived story.” His images are simple, cute, and evil.

On Bear and Bird’s news release, it states that “Odd went from just ‘someone’ who grew up with sketchbooks full of little bastard creations to ‘Terribly Odd,’ ” an artist who has collected a following from other art shows around town such as his Edgar Allan Poe-inspired exhibit at Pinkghost. The idea for this exhibit was sparked by an old sketch he had drawn of Napoleon. He wanted to take his artwork in a new direction, since he had been fixated on pop culture. The tiny, evil Napoleon and Odd’s love for history helped him select the theme: No icons past the Belle Époque (French for “Beautiful Era”) period, which starts around the late 19th Century. See the free exhibit this Saturday at Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery.
May 1-June 12, 11 a.m., 2010


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