Let’s Sing About Food, Baby

It’s been two days and you’re still in a Thanksgiving fog of reconstituted leftovers. Your tummy is begging for a reprieve, but you haven’t been able to focus on anything other than turkey. You have it in your omelets, slapped between slices of bread, and even fried up to make bird chips. The tryptophan is making you sluggish, and the uncanny desire to be curled up next to reheated meat is ruining your love life. With song titles such as “Tasty Love” and “Main Course,” could it be that R&B legend Freddie Jackson also has vittles on the brain when he should be concentrating on the bumpin’ and grindin’? The lyrics to his hit “You Are My Lady” could easily be translated to “You are my gravy/You’re good on my turkey, so I pour/You are my gravy/This meat is kinda dry, so I pour.” Suspect.

He performs at the James L. Knight Center Saturday night at 8, so you’ll be able to judge his food fetishes firsthand. Tickets start at $43 and are available at www.ticketmaster.com.
Sat., Nov. 29, 2008


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