Let It All Hang Out

Still working out with two feet on the treadmill? Tsk, tsk. That’s so yesterday! Not everything that goes up must come down. Crunch’s new AntiGravity Yoga class will prove that when you get tight and hang loose using a fabric hammock hung from the ceiling. Call it yoga of the future. Suspended in the air, you’ll deepen stretches and linger in more difficult postures. Best of all, you’ll hang upside down and see the world in a whole new way. Those sagging muscles and that foggy brain will thank you for it — inversions are great for muscle tone and mental clarity.

This workshop was designed in conjunction with Antigravity, an aerial performance company that headlines shows around the world. Stop by Crunch Gym and literally get swept off your feet. Choose one of three 45-minute sessions beginning at 1, 2, and 3 p.m. Not a gym member? No excuses. These free sessions are open to the public. Call 305-674-8222, or visit www.crunch.com.
Sat., July 12, 2008


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