Lebron Smash

Have you heard Lebron is going back to Cleveland? Well, yeah, he is...to dunk on those fools like a monster. And he's taking D. Wade, C. Bosh, and Mike Bibby with him. Hell, the whole Heat team is going, because when Miami takes on The Cavaliers it'll be a show nobody wants to miss. So, you could stay watching the game at home on your puny Trinitron, or you could watch it at The Joint, on a fifteen foot HD projection screen that'll make you feel like you're courtside. Except instead of being in crappy Cleveland, you'll be in Pinecrest, surrounded by everflowing booze, screaming fans, wings the size of your fist, and maybe even a couple of Heat dancers.
Tue., March 29, 7 p.m., 2011


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