Learn the Mother Tongue

Shagitzes and shikses may want to brace themselves as they trudge through this kakameyme article, or better yet, grab a copy of Michael Wex’s Born to Kvetch: Yiddish Language and Culture in All of Its Moods, as that is who will be kibitzing today at the Books & Books Bal Harbour at noon and then at the Gables’ store (265 Aragon Ave.) at 4:00. We know you think only a meshuggeneh would schlep on down and shvitz in this crazy heat, but obviously they have a little more chutzpah than you and wish to explore “Yiddish in relation to nature, food, childhood, courtship and marriage, sex ... and death, all topics worthy of a good kvetch,” as Books & Books puts it. Plus those who buy a copy for their grandmother will be a mensch for life. Some gelt required for the book; bubkes if you want, well, bubkes. Visit www.booksandbooks.com for more info, though you’ll have to put down the nosh. Gentiles welcome, though Mel may have to wait at the door.
Sun., Sept. 10


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