Laughs for the Working Stiff

If you work hard for an ungrateful taskmaster, if you feel underpaid and unappreciated, if your lot in life makes you want to shake your fist at the stars and howl out a theatrical “Whyyyyyy?” — we’re thinking you could benefit from some laughter. Rumor has it, it’s the best medicine of the legal and over-the-counter variety. You don’t need any little polite titters and chuckles either. Only belly laughs will suffice, the kind that leave your eyes streaming and your chest wheezing — the kind that’ll be served in supersize portions at the Labor Day Weekend Comedy Explosion at the James L. Knight Center. The place has lined up an instantly recognizable roster of talented stand-up comedians to kill your workingman’s blues with riotous guffaws.

The biggest headliners of the evening are surefire BET comedy legends Sheryl Underwood and Arnez J, as well as Mad TV alumnus Aries Spears (who we sincerely doubt will make an appearance on The Paul and Young Ron Show ever again). Tyler Craig and Red Grant round out the lineup, and if you don’t crack up during Doo Doo Brown’s performance, you should see your physician. The show begins at 8 p.m.
Sat., Aug. 30, 2008


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