Laughable Libretto

Opera doesn’t usually inspire laughter — quite the opposite in fact — but New World School of the Arts has wisely decided that during our country’s current economic nightmare, Miami might not be in the mood for La Traviata or Madama Butterfly. Instead, New World brings us a double billing of comedic opera with Gaetano Donizetti’s Rita and John Duke’s Captain Lovelock. Rita tells the story of the titular tyrannical housewife and her two husbands while deconstructing the idea that one man’s folly is another man’s fortune. Captain Lovelock is a case of mistaken identity involving a wealthy widow, an old maid, and a marriage broker. New World’s Opera Theater Ensemble will perform both Rita and Captain Lovelock. Artistic director Rodney Miller says, “Each year I am challenged by two important decisions involving repertoire. First, the choice must consider the abilities of young singers with little experience. Secondly, I want the choice to engage the interest of our audience. Both Rita and Captain Lovelock presented good choices even though they require difficult ensemble singing as well as comedic acting.” Forget about the foreclosure for one night and catch the double feature Friday or Saturday at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts.
April 8-9, 7:30 p.m., 2011


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