Laugh Me to the Moon

When that guy landed on the moon for the first time, the entire nation was entranced, and millions of folks looked on in awe as a voice muttered some unforgettable phrase about small steps, giant leaps, and mankind. Nowadays the stories of space travel tend to center on psycho, diaper-wearing astronauts. Neil Armstrong must be proud. And if he isn’t, then we hope he has a sense of humor, because comedy troupe Laughing GasOne Giant Laugh for Mankind.

But the goofs at Laughing Gas aren’t blaming anyone for our lack of a Jetsons-like lifestyle. “I guess the moon is kinda like New Jersey. Once you’ve gone there, it’s no reason to go back,” says troupe member Todd Rice. The fun goes down at the Main Street Playhouse at 11:00 p.m. Tickets cost $10, but anyone moonwalking at the door gets in two-for-one. All ages are welcome, and there’s never a drink minimum.
Fri., July 20, 11 p.m.


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