Latino Profiling

When you watch The Bronze Screen, a documentary that depicts 100 years of Latinos and Latino characters in Hollywood films, you shake your head and wonder how many Rosario Dawsons and Salma Hayeks we missed out on while Hispanic actors were being cast as maids and banditos. Latino Hollywood has come a long way since then, and it’s worth celebrating. Cue the Maya Indie Film Series, which comes to town Friday and sticks around to expose the Magic City to seven blessed days of Latino-themed films. Although the name of the series is indie, many of the players are not. Films feature the likes of Oscar Nuñez, Christian Slater, Mark Ruffalo, Eva Longoria, Laura Linney, Juliette Lewis, and Orlando Bloom. All films will be screened at AMC Sunset Place 24, beginning Friday with Blue Eyes. The series runs through September 29, ending with All She Can. Be sure to catch Sympathy for Delicious, directed by Mark Ruffalo, which has been garnering plenty of buzz.
Sept. 23-29, 1 p.m., 2011


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