Larry King Visits North Miami: Five Miamians He Could Marry Next

Florida International University has scored a major coup for its journalism students. Larry King, the Elizabeth Taylor of broadcast news, will be speaking at the Biscayne Bay Campus as part of the 2013 Lecture Series presented by the Student Government Association.

King hosted his namesake show, CNN's highest-rated program, for 18 years, and has interviewed just about every significant public figure throughout that time, including Tony Blair, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Eleanor Roosevelt. Apart from his illustrious broadcasting career he's also known for wearing suspenders and getting married eight times. Proving his intellectual curiosity, King chose various kinds of women to betroth, from a Playboy Bunny to a math teacher.

Since the infamous King, who got his start on Miami radio, will be in town, we figured we'd set him up with a date, one who has a serious chance at becoming Mrs. King IX. Here's our list of potential candidates. We know there are some already hitched parties mentioned here, but that's nothing a Mexican courthouse can't fix. All's fair in love and La La Land.

Feel free to vote for your favorite candidate.

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5. Janet Reno

We know she looks like Stephen King's twin brother, and she's horrible with kids (as evidenced by her handling of the Elian Gonzalez case), but she's one smart cookie. King might run out of paper bags, but he'll never run out of things to talk about. Plus, she probably makes a helluva tomato soup, can knit King some swimming trunks, and has enough cats to keep them company well into their golden years...which are already here. Besides, she can finally put all those carpet-munching rumors to rest.

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