Lace Front Bash

Rare is the straight man who will don a wig and false breasts and head out for a night on the town. Not that they are to be blamed; it’s hard to cruise chicks when you’re wearing a pink bouffant, so they leave it to the gays. But there’s one night of the year when all inhibitions are dropped, and in the name of charity (there always has to be an excuse!), the heterosexual men of South Florida can challenge the gays’ supremacy at gender-bending. That night is tonight, at Wig Out! On The River, held at the North River Studio & Gallery, the annual fundraising event for performance art company Tigertail Productions.

At Wig Out, everyone from professional drag queens to average Joe Schmoes (and the women who love them) can dress up as whatever gender they choose and dance the night away. Other than Halloween, it’s the costume party of the year — and the bigger the wig, the better. Those Tigertail folks stage some pretty avant-garde theater, so expect the unexpected. There will be live music by Jan Sebon, and live performances by drag diva Adora and performance artists Octavio Campos, Ana Mendez, and others.
Sat., May 19, 8-11 p.m.


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