Kosher, Cuban, and Very Miami

On the opposite side of the spectrum from Miami’s glitzy reputation for fast cars, bootylicious women, and hard partying is the long history of Jewish Cuban families that have shaped South Florida’s multicultural environment. Photojournalist Randi Sidman-Moore knows smoked salmon isn’t a typical Cuban breakfast, but has raised a glass of wine and declared l’chaim to the everyday life of Jewbans in Miami.

Sidman-Moore’s images and oral histories document the births, dinners, work, and worship of her subjects -- some of whom are Orthodox, others secular -- ranging from successful businessmen to cabaret singers and even prison inmates. Her exhibit, “Lox with Black Beans and Rice: A Portrait of Cuban-Jewish Life,” reveals a remarkable cross section of our population. It opens today and runs through January 11, 2008, at the Miami Beach Regional Library, 227 22nd St. The exhibit is free and open daily.
Oct. 13-Jan. 11, 2007


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