Knockout Drag Sunday

Sunday nights have turned into a battlefield of gay party promoters, with clubs opening homocentric events all around town (Flavour in Coconut Grove, Amika in South Beach, et cetera). But the only Sunday party that matters is Click at Dek23, hosted by promoters Omar Gonzalez and Dustin Reffca.

It’s an amazing feat, because they seemed to have the odds stacked against them: The club location (the old Bash) is on a rather unglamorous stretch of Washington, plus there’s that $10 cover charge, and God help you if you try to schmooze your way around it. But these hardships just weed out the riffraff. Inside, Click is the the perfect mix: lots of gay, some straight, a smattering of lesbian, all beautiful but not too snotty about it. Add the occasional drag performance, rotating DJs (last week was Tracy Young!) and -- voilà! -- success. Not only is it the best gay Sunday, but also it’s quite possibly the best party of the summer. Order bottle service: They light the bottle on fire and dance around the room with it.
Sundays, 2007


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