Knight Shift

The best aspect of a Renaissance festival is the wonderful absence of jerks thumbing through their Blackberries. It’s a celebration of life unplugged — of a simpler time when men were covered in tin, and women had to worry only about keeping their bosoms heaving and their hair braided. Although a lack of invasive technology might make the 16th Century appear utopian, the era was full of its own headaches: the overly friendly blacksmith, the raptor from Birds of Prey with an eye-plucking temper, the mead-fueled tussles over the last giant turkey leg. Take the good with the bad when the Florida Renaissance Festival makes its Miami stop at Virginia Key beach this Saturday through Monday. Among the 100 marauding, costumed characters, expect bizarre puppets, stilt characters, and stately, mounted royalty. There will be human-chess games and feats of strength, as well as five stages showcasing Medieval entertainment. Knights will also joust the following weekend, January 22 and 23.
Sat., Jan. 15, 10 a.m., 2011


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