Kitty Says a Fool in Love Is Still a Fool

Hello, Kitty:

I've been dating my girlfriend for more than a year, and lately she has been acting funny. In the beginning of our relationship, we would go out, talk all the time over the phone, and if we didn't talk over the phone, we would text each other. But ever since I came back from doing my summer internship with an NFL football team outside the state, we haven't spent time with each other, let alone talk or text. Whenever I call her, she tells me she will get back to me, but she never does. I mentioned that I think the reason she's being so distant is because of some other guy she probably met while I was away, but of course she denies it. Please, Kitty, you gotta help me out with this one.

N. Denile


she's just not that into you

Hey, Mr. Denile:

I (kinda) hate to be the one to tell you this, but if you never talk to, text, or actually see this girl, she's not your girlfriend. She's your ex. Hell, I correspond with the broad at Pizza Hut more often than you speak with your own gf! I'm no Cleo, but I'm pretty sure your lady found another dude to hang out with while you were off at your fabulous internship. I guess you're writing to ask what you should do, but I can't tell you to do any more than you already have. If you've tried to contact her, stayed faithful, and written to me, there's nothing more to be done. Unless she gave you a good pull-back excuse like "I'm studying for the bar" or "I just got my throat and fingers removed," there's really no good reason for her lack of communication. Some people — and relationships — just aren't strong enough to withstand the distance. It's understandable, but that doesn't let her off the hook for not giving you a clue to what's going on. After a year, you deserve either the truth or an acceptable lie. For her to simply not answer calls and texts is a bitch move. She was dead wrong to not shoot you a Dear John e-mail or give you the truth once you told her your suspicions. Trust me, if you've been trying to reach out to her, you've done all you can do. If you're truly trying to keep this going, you're nothing more than a fool. A fool in love, but a fuckin' fool nonetheless. Let her go, babe. Meow.

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