Kitty Purrs About Pubic Hair

Hello, Kitty:

After years of getting my cooch waxed, shaved, and Nair-ed, I've decided to let my pubes grow naturally. Well, actually my boyfriend made the decision. He's European and a major fan of a woman with some hair between her legs — which is something I'm not used to at all. My last boyfriend wouldn't even touch me down there unless I was completely bare. This newfound freedom is pretty enjoyable — no more painful (and embarrassing) trips to the waxer. But I'm wondering: Why does it even matter? I think it's my business what I do with my bush. I'm considering waxing again because I don't much like the itchy feeling the growth is giving me. Should I keep it or snatch it off?

Sue Harry

Hey, Sue:

Now you're giving me control over the state of your muff? Hon, to wax or not to wax is an entirely personal decision. Some women like the feel of a bald cooch. On the other hand, some women prefer a little coverage. Hair down there not only provides some cushion but also lends a little mystery to the vagina. Would the Secret Garden have been so mystical if weren't covered by miles of ivy? Probably not. And though the porn industry tells us we should rip the hair from our snatch and show its head to the world, some men will tell you a full bush is the sign of a real woman, not some prepubescent girl.

If you like opening your legs to a stranger wielding a Popsicle and some hot wax, that's your prerogative. Shaving puts you into possible razor-bump territory, and there's something I just don't trust about putting a hair-disintegrating chemical anywhere near my lady parts. Yes, if for years you've been going bare, there will be some itchiness during the grow-back phase, but at least your man won't have to worry about pubie floss. If you want to test out how you'd look with Don King in a leg lock, get yourself a merkin — yeah, a pubic wig — and see what all the fuss is about. But, really, do what you want — most men don't care about a mullet down there. I'm not saying you should grow Rasta dreads; definitely keep things trimmed and neat. Landscape, ladies, landscape. Meow.

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