Kind of Blue

If you don't know what Blue Man Group is by now, you're probably the most sheltered kid in your backwoods, apocalyptic Christian militia. The trio of earless, bald entertainers covered in blue paint has infected every major Western metropolis with its charming theatrical routines, but nothing in those shows can prepare you for the How to Be a Megastar 2.1 concert tonight at the American Airlines Arena. The simple plot -- the Blue Men order an instructional DVD titled How to Be a Megastar -- allows for a unique combination of Zeppelin-level rocking and the hilarity caused by watching the über-innocent Blue Men stumble through the instructions.

Opening act DJ/VJ Mike Relm also has a signature look, but why waste words explaining it or the nature of his shtick when both are readily available on YouTube? Matthew Banks, a Blue Man who did the last national tour, says he was originally skeptical when he heard a DJ was going to open the show, but quickly changed his mind. “My jaw dropped the first time I saw him, and I felt like I'd been served,” he says. Do yourself a favor and find Relm's sweet rendition of the Office Space O-face, or his disemboweling cutup of Rage Against the Machine's “Bulls on Parade,” and then try to convince yourself you'd rather get drunk on $15 G&Ts at the Shore Club. The show begins at 8. Tickets start at $50. Visit or
Sat., March 8, 8 p.m., 2008


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