Kermit the Frog Sings About Ninjas and Cocaine in Video Ode to Miami Connection

Why are there so many songs about rainbows? Who the hell cares? What Kermit the Frog really cares about these days is the art of filmmaking.

Why are there so many talks about movies

what's bad and then who's to decide?

Those are the opening lines to "Kermit loves Miami Connection," YouTube user Jonathan Matina's parody of "Rainbow Connection" in which the Muppet professes his love for the Y.K. Kim-produced festival of '80s nostalgia that hit theaters last year. Forget the lovers and the dreamers; in this video, Kermit's all about ninjas, rock stars, and cocaine.

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What's your favorite line? For me, it's a toss-up between "All of us under its spell / we know that it's probably cocaine" and the high-pitched "oh my god" dubbed in from the actual film.

But it doesn't matter. Kermit in a Dragon Sound t-shirt? Priceless.

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