What if you took all of your delinquent teenage nephew’s favorite pastimes – playing Gran Turismo on his Xbox, reading Maxim, ogling pictures of hot models, watching World Poker Tour, and downloading hip-hop – and blended them together, miraculously brought them to life, and sent them on tour across America? Sounds pretty fun, doesn’t it? That’s the gist of Hot Import Nights, which makes the final stop of its nationwide tour tonight at 5:00 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

While import enthusiasts watch the National Custom Car Association judge their souped-up racers, you can get distracted by the stunning Valvoline and VIP Auto Fashion tour cars, models in “beach-appropriate” clothing, a poker tourney, and two of the suitcase girls from Deal or No Deal. A pair of stages will host DJs and dance crews, as well as pop star Cassie. You can also get tutorials about racing and drifting, but none will help you restore your suspended license after said street-racing. Tickets cost $25. Visit www.hintickets.com.
Sat., Dec. 16


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