Joints for the Sick

Irvin Rosenfeld is a record-breaking pot head who claims to have smoked 115,000 joints over little more than a quarter century. But unlike other brothers-in-pot, the 57-year-old Fort Lauderdale stockbroker smokes spliffs to ease the symptoms of a rare case of bone cancer. And he does so with the blessing of the feds. Rosenfeld is one of a handful of habitual tokers whose dealer is Uncle Sam. But he doesn’t sit around enjoying his stash in private. Though he’ll be in Vermont trying to stave off a move to repeal medical marijuana in that state, he’ll still participate in the 13th annual Medical Marijuana Benefit Concert at Tobacco Road on Saturday via a video presentation and raffling of a government-issued tin that holds 300 joints. Sorry, it’s empty. The annual event is both a serious and entertaining affair, with an impressive lineup of musicians that includes Johnny Dread, Sweetbone, Gypsy Cat, Kuyayky, and Sun Dry Cilo. Other participants include spoken word artists, dancers, assorted talented weed smokers, and even government officials who support medical marijuana. Organizers will be raising funds for a statewide petition drive to legalize cannabis for medical use. They need more than 700,000 signatures from registered voters but only have about 25,000 so far.
Sat., Jan. 15, 4 p.m., 2011


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