Susan Lee-Chun
Susan Lee-Chun

Jen Stark, Borscht Film Festival 2010's MasterMind Award Winners

At last night New Times' Artopia event at Freedom Tower, the winners for this year's winners of the 2010 MasterMind Awards were announced. Four local artists from different fields were chosen from over 150 applications. This year's winners included the Borscht Film Festival, which is committed to developing Miami's local film community; Jen Stark, who through colorful construction paper is able to replicate infinity; Susan Lee-Chun, who drawing inspiration from her native Asian culture and American mass media makes provocative comments on environment and identity; and Little Stage Theater, which is helping bring back musical theater to South Beach's oldest venue.

Each winner received a $1,000 from the New Times, made possible by Miami Mumbai. Congratulations to the winners!


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