Jaded Fan, Meet Dwyane Wade

It’s hard to believe that just 19 months ago, the Miami Heat was showering in NBA championship glory. Shaq was adding to his legacy, Dwyane Wade was creating his own, and Pat Riley was doing the awkward white man’s dance at the championship parade on Biscayne Boulevard. Now they’re an unrecognizable mess. Shaq is a shell of himself, D-Wade is seemingly on his own, and Jason Williams is plagued with knees that have turned to mulch. In the off-season, Riley let guys like James Posey sign with other teams. Bottom line: The Heat is pretty much paying its tab for the 2006 NBA Finals championship.

Despite all the craptitude, Miami still boasts one of the brightest superstars in the NBA. It’s easy to lose sight of greatness in times like these. But D-Wade brings it. Every night. With the Denver Nuggets’ dynamic duo of Iverson and Anthony in town, it looks like Wade will have his hands full -- as usual. A difficult task, sure. But every so often, Wade reminds us his legacy is still being written. Be a part of it tonight at 7:30 at the American Airlines Arena.
Tue., Feb. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2008


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