It’s Not What You Think

Known as the “Jamaican Bill Cosby” for his clean, sharp comedy, Oliver Samuels does it all — stand-up, television, and, in this case, theater. Samuels stars in Patrick Brown’s Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing, a Jamaican play that’s traveled across the United States. Most recently, it rocked Washington, D.C., and now it’s in Miami for a one-night-only July 4 performance at the North Miami Beach Performing Arts Center.

Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing is about the travails of an upper-class black family, which includes patriarch Amos Brown (Samuels), a construction magnate who has earned the high life in Beverly Hills; his social worker wife and their daughter; and Brown’s brother-in-law, a deadbeat who lost his dubious fortune under mysterious circumstances. The fun begins when Mrs. Brown brings home a 21-year-old female former gangbanger, who takes an immediate dislike to the "hignarant" Mr. Brown. It’s a clash of uptown and downtown that will have you wondering if domestic bliss can be restored to the Beverly Hills estate.
Sat., July 4, 8 p.m., 2009


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