It’s No Coincidencia

South Florida’s multicultural roots have been bearing musical fruit for a long time, but the Adrienne Arsht Center has harvested it for the center’s summer concert series, Cosecha 2008, an exotic cornucopia of Afro-Latin and Caribbean artists from across the lower part of the Western Hemisphere. Some of the best performance produce comes from Venezuela, a land with a penchant for raising artists who are both traditional and modern. So for this last show, Venezuelan singer-songwriter Luz Marina will give audiences a taste of paradise when she croons about dance and romance.

Marina spent years interpreting numbers plucked from the musical vines of her compatriots, but critics say the original music found on her new album, Coincidencias, is much more tempting. Audiences will have a chance to enjoy a guilt-free sampling of her seductive vocals, poetic lyrics, and jazzy Latin folklore in the Arsht Center’s Studio Theater at 8:30 p.m., when she presents a musical banquet that’s sure to make even the most puritanical of pilgrims hot under their high collars. Tickets cost $40.
Sat., Aug. 30, 2008


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