It’s Getting Hot in Herre

Can you feel the heat? Feel the burn of Seraphic Fire, Miami's hottest chamber choir ensemble, shooting up flames across South Florida with its fifth anniversary concert this weekend. In case you don't know already, chamber music is traditional choral music performed by small ensembles. For this performance, the Fire will be rockin' out to the beats of the sixteenth-century hit “Officium Defunctorum” by Tomás Luis de Victoria, who is considered to be the greatest Spanish composer of the Renaissance. Hot, hot, hot. If that doesn't set a fire in your loins, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your taste in music. Rumor has it John Tesh and Yanni will be there! Okay, we’re kidding, but we’re sure many fans of JT and Yanni will be there. Catch the phat beats tonight at 7:30 at the First United Methodist Church. Two more shows (one in Fort Lauderdale, the other in Miami Beach) will take place this weekend. Tickets cost $30, with free rush tickets available to those under 30. Call 305-476-0260, or visit for locations and showtimes.
Sept. 22-24


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