It’s Baaack

For the past couple of months you’ve probably noticed zombies roaming around Lincoln Road, hungry for some department store lovin’ and yearning for the one-stop shopping that makes the humongous stores so darn irresistible. As of today, all of those Shaun of the Dead-style zombie-shoppers will get their fix because Macy’s South Beach is finally hosting an extravagant reopening after months of renovations. So that means more shop till you drop, and way more selections in a shiny new store!

In addition to bringing the shopping back, the opening will be overflowing with giveaways and prizes, Jean-Paul Gaultier one-minute “Tout Beau” male makeovers, and, of course, models, models, and more models. We know you’re saying, “But this is South Beach -- something’s missing!” Not to fear, your boy DJ Irie will be spinning in the juniors department. Visit for store hours and information.
Sat., Aug. 4


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