It’s All About the Situation

Let us tell you about the situation, brah. The situation is that you spent good money to get that perfect orange, radioactive-like glow. The situation is that your blowout is looking hella good tonight. The situation is that you're so juiced up that the only way you are going to relieve that excess energy is by fist-pumping all night. But where can you go so you'll feel right at home?

The Shore moves south, if only for a night, to Mansion (1235 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach), where Jersey Shore cast members the Situation and JWoww will host the South Beach megaclub's International Wednesdays party this week. Let's hope DJs Konflikt and Ron Luna got the jams, brah. And where in hell is Snooki, AKA Snookums, AKA Snickers, AKA Snickerdoodle? Buzzkill, brah!
Wed., Jan. 27, 11 p.m., 2010


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