Is Your Couch on the Sidewalk Too?

When the economic apocalypse flares up out of nowhere — or from the muck of “subprime mortgages,” if you believe CNBC — what are those of modest means to do? It’s a simple fact that mouths need food and landlords need cash. And while certain reactionaries say we ought to take up arms and flood the streets, there are still cooler heads out there. Namely, the people over at Yussef Shaw Presents and Island Eclectic Entertainment, who have decided to go revivalist by resurrecting a classic hard-times tradition: the Rent Party.

With noise courtesy of Jamaican dream-soul trio Crimson Heart Replica, the depression vibe will hit full stride tonight. Now, you could just show up and help fill the hat by paying the full $20 door fee. Or, like the rest of us, bring a copy of the official “Eviction Notice” flyer for a five-dollar discount. And, finally, for the truly hardup, presale tickets are a supercheap ten bucks.
Sun., April 5, 8 p.m., 2009


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